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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to Donate

I am doing this post because many of you have asked about having monthly donations set up. I talked to our bank about having a bank draft attached to our website, but after some research I have found that at this time the fees associated with this are not worth the convenience.

We decided to continue with paypal. Our regular donate button (to the right on every page) allows you to donate any amount one time. You can do this with your paypal account or with a credit card without an account.

On our "please help" page--see tab on top to find page--there are 7 options of monthly amounts (it is fixed). When you click on this you can sign up to have that amount put on your credit card every month. You must sign up for a paypal account (which is super easy). If you would like to give a monthly donation that is not listed please let me know and I can ad that button.

Paypal does take a small fee for processing this--but since this is the only overhead taken out of your donation we are ok with this.
And if this makes it so you don't forget one month then it is worth it to us and to those you are helping.

The other option you have is to ask your bank to send out a check for you every month. I don't believe they charge a fee, and you can sign up so they will do it for you monthly without you having to remind them.

If you do this or just want to mail a check. Please make it out to Safe homes for Children and mail it to Erin Dalia-Sanofsky 3001 Clemson Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205

If you are donating monthly and it is working well for you then don't feel like you need to change anything. This is for those of you that have asked me about getting it set up monthly so that you don't forget.

As always, we are so grateful for all of your help.

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