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Monday, September 12, 2011

Emergency help for Maria

A few days ago friend was visiting the village of Nueva Victoria and found a little girl named Maria. She has not be brought to any of our feeding programs so we did not know she was there. She was born without the use of her legs and she crawls where ever she goes. The friend gave her a wheelchair. They went to check on her yesterday and found her very sick. I am pasting some of the email we were sent...
"she needs medical assistance urgently in Guatemala City, her condition can make her loose her foot or her life, she is just 11 years old, she is taking some antibiotic from their clinic, but this wont be enough, I don't have a car able to reach the community, actually yesterday we got there on a chicken bus, so we need to pay somebody to provide transportation, so we need some kind of help to get that service and the expenses for Maria and her mum, who is a widow, to go to the city where my friend got the professional medical assistance for free."

See pictures below.

We want to help her, we need to get her medical care tomorrow. Anyway that feels like they can help please donate.

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