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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Help us win

So here is your chance...

For those of you who wish you could do something to help, but don't feel like you have the have the financial means;

Or for those of you who wish you could do more;

Or for those of you who love us and will do anything for us...

We have entered a GIVEAWAY on Guidestar.com (a place for non-profits), the winner receives $5000.

We really want this money, we really NEED this money. We have so many new women and children that come to us, but no way to feed them...we are turning people away every week and would love for this to stop. If we win we will be able to add 21 new mothers and their children to our feeding program in 2011 (We could feed about 50-70 new people for a whole year!). Help us win this!

How you ask?

Go here OR http://www2.guidestar.org/organizations/06-1699012/safe-homes-children-incorporated.aspx.

Write a review on us.

It must be done in the month of February so do it now, PLEASE!

And, wait, there is more you can do. Ask your spouse, parents, kids old enough to have an email address and write, and any family members/friends that know about us or your involvement with us, to also write a review. One review per person--but this means that some families can give us quite a few reviews. It doesn't need to be anything special, we win based on the number of reviews--not what you write (of course please be nice).

Remember 100% of this money will go to our feeding program because we don't ever take any overhead from donations.

Check back for a giveaway associated with this...

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