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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Happenings at Nueva Victoria

Nueva Victoria is moving up in the world. When we were out there 3 weeks ago , we had a meeting with the committee [ the governing group of the aldea ] or in other words the men of power for the community. Usually it is men. We were talking to them about starting our elementary school children's feeding program and the possibility of starting a tutorial program. Our meeting was successful. They were very interested in starting both programs. We promised the feeding program would start right away. The children up there looked terrible. Not just dirty. Weepy eyes and noses oozing infection. Children dragging around imploring you with their eyes to feed them. The tutorials meant we had to hire a teacher.
We had a coincidental meeting there when we met the new Guatemalan director of Pencils of Promise. Noah's group is planning to build a new school there. We are hoping to work in partnership with them where they build the school including a kitchen. We come in afterwords and start our programs. First the elementary feeding program, then the elementary tutorial program and then the mama/tot feeding program. By following Noah's group, we save the $25,000.00 that we would need to put into the buildings for our programs and can use the money for more programs.
We have hired a teacher for the tutorials up there. His name is Manuel Alfredo. He came to Los Robles and trained with Gil for a week learning to teach the kids about basic hygiene and manners as well as academics. He has started at Nueva Victoria. We have over 100 children in the elementary feeding program up there 3 days a week and that many in the tutorial program each day. Today we are hiring a helper for Manuel. When we were up there last Weds., the children were already looking healthier. I have pictures of all this that will go on a later blog. And we met another group that is building part of the school. The Sienna Foundation is building the first 3 rooms and Noah's group is building the kindergarten and the kitchen. All of this will help us with our programs. Next step in Nueva Victoria is funding for the mama/tot program. Gosh is it needed. Right now we need school supplies bad and shoes.
Pictures are of the committee, my husband sitting in the committee meeting and part of Noah's group checking out the places to build.
thanks for helping us.

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