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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Odds and Ends

Here are some pictures of the students that a few of you are paying for their schooling. Look at these kids and realize that except for you they would have been able to only go to school thru 6th grade. Now they are in 7th, taking typing classes and going to school with an elite group of kids. Kids who are trying to have a better education and better job possibilities. Our teacher, Gil, at Los Robles has tried his best to maake sure that the kids want to continue on into middle school. Gil knows alot of parents can not afford it and so the kids will quit. Now that money is not the factor , these select few will keep going. This is an added benefit to our after school tutoring program. Nueva Victoria told us they had 10 students graduate from 6th grade last year and that none of them were going to middle school because of funding. We told them we would try and help, but they could not generate enough interest among the parents for them to even come to a meeting. Next year tho will be different. After a year of having two dedicated teachers working with the kids every afternoon and stressing the importance of education, Nueva Victoria will be ready to have some of their kids go on to middle school. They will then need funding. All the LR students are required to help in our programs in trade for the help we give them. The girls wash dishes or laundry. The boys work in our gardens.
The other pictures are of two girls who need medical help. The picture with two little girls is a sweet one , huh. Both girls had been helping in the kitchen after the elementary feeding program. They love washing the dishes and cleaning up and were so proud of themselves. The one on the left has one leg that is several inches shorter than the other. She needs elevated shoes or her spine will eventually give her much trouble. I figure the cost will be $150.00 as it will require a trip to the city and specialized shoes. Angelina is a sweetheart if you want to help her.
Wendy is the girl in the picture by herself. She is 7. She has juvenile rheumatory arthritis. The picture of the swollen knees are of her also. Her elbows and neck and every other joint is swollen too. If you want to help Wendy, she will be grateful . Her meds are quite expensive. We had a doctor and med student visit last week who left us with prednizone for Wendy. they also left us with many bottles of high calori preemie formula. I took it yesterday to Jeremias, our little downs twin. His mama will feed it to him to help him with weight gain. I am happy to report that he is already looking heavier and better since he now has all the formula he needs. After this special formula, maybe he will be gordo [ spanish for fat ] Keep in mind, there is no WIC program or free health care that will supply htese kids with their meds and special shoes. Their families make less than $2.00 A DAY SO UNLESS WE HELP, THEY DO WITHOUT.


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