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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well Joel has gone home until the end of April and the blogs are back to me. i have some great pictures and great news, but first thought you might like to see what happens to missionary type families when family members come to visit. So here are some pictures and a little bit of story on what our family does down here with family visitors.
The pictures are numbered from the bottom down.
1. a picture of my husband and I with our grandchild Jake. We are redoing our blogspot and this picture will be on the about us page. The blog will be shut down for a few days while it is being redone. Thanks to Erin and Meredith for all their work on this.
2. next is a picture of Joel and his wife Carol when Carol came to see where Joel will be spending half his time.
3. three of my kids on an excursion trip to find an organic gardner to get our gardens going in Los Robles so we can provide food for more people. Gardens should go in in May. We are also building a guardian small house to safe guard the veggies and the chickens from being stolen. Third world reality.
4. my future sil Will [ connected to my daughter Hannah ] working on fixing the child's walker we have at Los Robles for the many disabled kids we work with. Will had come to officially meet us and fell in love with some of the kids and gave out glasses to some of the old ladies. He made a walker for Angel to take home with him.
5. My daughter Hannah holding our newest downs boy to join our program. He is almost 4 and does not walk, talk or see very well. He needs specialty glasses. Hannah was watching him so his mother could participate in the women's program. He held on so tight to her that she had scratches all over her neck by the time her babysitting job ended.
6. My daughter Flossie holding her son and my grandson Carson. Carson is 3 and loved going to Los Robles to visit our programs while his mother worked there.
7. Flossie's littlest boy, Cooper, holding one of my twins. This is Lilli froom the boy.girl twin set who were born back in May and adopted by the local midwife. Flossie would adopt one of these beautiful little girls in a heartbeat if adoptions every opened back up
8. the soon to be wed couple on a family outing to the lake. All 9 of us living here, Flossie and Chris and their two and Hannah and Will in a 12 passenger van. Luckily in Guatemala, no one cares
9. One of the stops we made on our way to the lake. Quite the juxtaposition. Stopping to see a family we help with food, clothes and school on our way to see the beautiful lake and have a family dinner at a nice restaurant in Santiago. This family has no electric, no clean water and sewage running thru the teeny, tiny yard 3 feet from the beds they sleep in on their dirt floor.
We enjoyed our family visitng as the hardest part here, besides the safety issues, is missing the kids and grandkids. We loved showing them the work we are doing. What we do here is a family venture and all my kids contribute to it in their own way. Flossie's husband Chris, who is a barber, cut all our hair while here.

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