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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Nine new Mamas and 21 new Children From Chipop

Our mama/toddler program is growing like crazy. Way too mant starving people in this country and what mama wants to see her little one starve. last Tuesday on distribution day we had 47 mamas and 88 children 1 to 5, 20 0 to 1 and 35 over 5. On Thurs. at the same program just for another group of woman and kids we had 37 mamas and did not count the kids. I added 4 more mamas and kids two days ago. Precious. A 5 year boy with CP who is being raised by his grandma and can't walk or talk , but he sure can do a pretty smile. Another women who is blind, has 5 kids and was pregnant with no. 6.
These nine women and their 21 assorted kids are all from the pueblo of Chipop. it was a difficult decision about whether to take them as they are known as a community of bandits. But they were there and the children's faces are sweet and you can't blame the kids for the parents, so we took them. Hopefully it gave us a measure of protection. From the bottom up , here are the women, some of the kids and the number of children they have.
1. Estela Dias 2 children
2. Ismelda Chavez. 5 children one of which is Wendy who has Juvenile Rheumatory Arthritis. Thanks to a medical student we were able to give her Prednizone to help control this for Wendy.
3. Juana Perez 5 children
4. Rosenda Martin 2 children
5. Vidalia Sicay 1 child
6. Gloria Sancales 1 child
7. Maria Keju 2 children
8. Estela Lopez 1 child
9. Candelaria Martines 2 children

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