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Friday, February 11, 2011


Thought some of you might be interested in what my days are like. I had to deal with all these issues in the same day. Is it any wonder I go home tired and somewhat depressed. The first 3 pictures are of the newborn twins that we give formula to. The parents have 8 children and walk for 2 hours each way to get formula, incaprina and a meal from us. My first time of seeing the twins, I realized one was very malnourished so we took the family home with us, showed them how and when to feed the babies and gave them extra formula and bottles. Oh did I mention that my 10 [ she will be 11 on the 17th ] year old daughter and I fell in love with the sick one. The next week, we checked on how things were going. The mama had not brought milk or bottles for the babies and does not have enough breast milk so the sick one was crying. We got bottles and formula and Alisa fed him 4 oz. Then he slept. We talked again to the mama about not favoring the healthier one and working to feed the sick one everytime he would eat. Then we took them to the doctors who confirmed how sick the one was and that he had some congenital problems. He told them to take him to the hospital. They said they would. This next week, no one from the family showed up and we don't know where they live. My Alisa was so upset about her baby.
The next picture is the mama who was kicked out of her shack by her husband when he wanted to move another woman in. He also kicked out all 6 kids. She needs food and will soon need housing as her brother gave them emergency housing [ that probably means a floor to sleep on.
The last picture is of Juanito, the 8 year old who walks 3 miles to our programs so he can eat. When we gave out Christmas presents, we could only give him a small one as his alcoholic mama and his abusive papa would sale a bigger one. So he got a big truck with instructions that he can only play withit when he is on our property. And play he does. From the minute he gets there he wants to know where his truck is and shows it off to anyone who will listen.
This is hard and fulfilling work. And I can not tell you how much we need your help. Please donate if is just a one time $10 or better yet $20 every month for a year. I have had to close our mamas program. We now have 80 mamas and 250 tots and infants and no money to add more. Please help me with the money part so I do not have to turn a single mama down or worse yet her malnourished children. Pass this on to anyone who might help.
thanks to all who are already helping.

Pictures from Top to Bottom

1. twins who are malnourished. One twin has some health issues
2. the twin who has health issues and is so thin
3. my precious Alisa who has fallen in love with the sick twin and
is as determined as I am to keep him alive.
4. the mama whose husband kicked her out of their shack to move another woman in. He kicked out their 6 children also
5. Juanito with his truck

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