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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

New Babies

pictures from the bottom
1. me with Victor
2. me with Victor
3. New baby girl
4. same new baby girl
5. my daughter Alisa holding one 8 day old and the mama holding the other one

A week and a half ago, Gil, the teacher at our Los Robles tutorials, called me about a newborn baby. The 18 year old who gave birth to him could not keep him. The woman whose house the 18 year girl was staying in wanted to adopt the baby but did not have the money for formula, diapers, bottles and clothes. Gil wanted to know if we could help. It was night by then and I do not drive after dark, so I met Gil the next morning in Godinez. We went and picked up the midwife who had delivered the baby and then went to the baby's house. It was simple but clean. The adopted mama was so appreciative of all the things I brought. I asked if the baby had a name and she said no, not yet. Well The adopted mama showed up at our Tuesday program for mamas and tots with the baby all decked out in his newborn finery. She was so proud of him. She told me to hold him and then told me she had named him after me. His name is Victor. Isn't he pretty?
Also that Tuesday we had a newborn baby girl. Both babies were 8 days old. When I went up to check her out I was told I had to hold her. I think the women think I give the babies' a special blessing by holding them. It is so fun. Anyway her mama is the woman who almost delivered at our nurses clinic a couple of weeks ago. She was so pretty too. Babies are such fun.

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