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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Do These 3 Pictures Have In Common

The bottom two are of the little twin who has been coming to the formula feeding program. We knew he had something wrong with him and last week we found out what it was. He is down syndrome. I knew instantly why I was so taken with him. It was because of the boy in the top picture. That is my adopted son Seth. Thirteen years ago we received a call from a social worker at a hospital that they had a hisp. down syndrome baby boy they needed a family for. Were we interested? We immediately said yes. We have since discovered that he was not hispanic but Mayan. So my Seth and this new little Mayan downs baby boy have alot in common. But Seth was feed well by a mom [ me ] who made sure he ate every 3 hours and that his lack of suction did not keep him from drinking the amount of milk he needed for good nutrition. Seth also started physical therapy at age 3 months to develop his muscle tone. And it did develop his muscle tone. Seth is the best downs gymnast his teacher has ever seen. He also wins all the special olympics. We had a music and dance festival at Los Robles this week-end and Seth led all the dancing. Kid can dance for hours at a time.
This new little downs baby has access to all the formula he can drink, but the mom does not seem to understand the need to make sure he gets a certain number of ounces in him everyday. He lives in a shack two hours walking distance from our formula program and is forced to breathe smoke from open cook fires in the one room they have to live in. Tuesday when I saw him he had a cold with stuffy nose and drippy eyes. The only way he will get physical therapy is if I can get funding for a therapist to come to our clinic once a week. His life will be so different from my Seth's. But since he has touched my heartstrings in a way I can't forget, I will work to make his life easier. I already pay the families transportation to our porgram so they have no reason to not come.I would like to build a small [ 2 room ] house on our property for his family. His dad has no work, but knows something about gardening. He could be our chicken house guardian and do some gardening. Then the 8 kids could be watched over more closely. We could make sure there was food and money for school and clothes and shoes and school supplies. All the things they don't have now. Now we just need money for the house. $1500 to $2000 would build it. Do you want to be the one who receives the blessings for this donation?
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