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Friday, June 21, 2013

Volunteer vacations: days 5 and 6 for the nursing team

Thanks again to Mysti for the blogging and for Katie's nursing team: 

Hello again! Breakfast consisted of pancakes, oatmeal, and bananas.Today was the day I traveled. Nine of us went to Ojo del Agua,  a local village. before leaving though a group of us went down the hill by the clinic to explore the gardens and country side. It was a beautiful view. Una Vista Bella!
   I was assigned to triage this day with Emily. We were able to find some things and play with the kids while they waited. It was a slow start in the morning because some didn't know about it or they did not realize it was free. After a couple hours it did pick up and we were able to help 44 people throughout the day. Lunch was a stir fry vegetable beef mix on top of rice. Absolutely wonderful!!
     On the way back to Casa de Sion we stopped in Godinez for some treats and to pick up Tyler's pinata. We had a few hours before dinner when we returned so we were all able to hang out and enjoy each other. Played cards as well as journaled. Tonight was when Samy arrived. He is the reason we had such great interpreters and also partly responsible for the trip in general. He was great to get acquainted with.  I again forgot to write down the meal for dinner... But I do know that most of us stayed up and learned how to do a couple dances. Adam and I spent most of the time talking about life in general. It was a fun evening!

   Day 6: Today a group woke up early and headed to Godinez for some fresh baked goods! It was fun seeing the fresh items and sharing with everyone the yummy goodness. We also bought Tyler's birthday present while there and enjoyed the local life. After heading back to Casa de Sion we ate breakfast. Eggs, watermelon, banana, and incaprina. Incaprina is a drink mix used to supplement their diets. It is a replacement for milk and has other added nutrients to help the children get everything they need to grow healthily. It is really good.
   We were all staying at Casa de Sion today for the Mother's and babies day. Early on in the day we had a baby who was extreme FTT; she weighed 8 lbs and was 7 months old. She had a beautiful little smile and we did what we could for her. It was a hard experience for a lot of us. Lunch was another chicken soup with a red base. It had rice and green beans in it and was
    We finished the clinic early enough that we were able to take another tuk tuk to Godinez for some more shopping. A tuk tuk is a motorized small wagon type transport. It was fun to ride in them. I did not write down dinner or evening activity again but I know that a couple times we had tostadas with a black bean puree and parmesan served with fried plaintains. And I remember having black beans and rice with sweet bread so just fill in where you would like! :) It was all great!

Ready for the crowds

The lucky people getting care

Teams love to love on the kids


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