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Monday, June 17, 2013

Never Too Young To Fundraise

About a week ago I got an email from an awesome mom from New York. She and her family were going to Guatemala to visit family on vacation. Her 8 year old Girl Scout daughter wanted to do something to help  Safe Homes For Children and the little ones of Guatemala. So they decided Raquel, the 8 year old would do a lemonade stand. Here are the posters they designed and in quotes is the story of the beginnings of this fundraiser. My granddaughter, Katie , did a fundraiser before she went to Guatemala when she was 4. So here's to all the compassionate youngsters of the world and their wonderful moms. Wish we had more. We will do a follow up blog to show pictures of the actual event. The rest of the story is told by Raquel's mom
Well about 2 weeks ago, we announced to our children that we are confirmed to go to Guatemala in August. Although they were super excited to go, Raquel was somewhat silent. That night when she went to bed, she prayed and started crying. She explained that she cannot go to Guatemala on vacation when there is so many poor children there. She said that God had told her to do something for those kids. That she would be sharing some of the blessings that she has had in her life here. Needless to say I was moved. I immediately started looking online for orphanages in Guatemala."

Raquel is 8 years and a Girl Scout from Bayside, New York. 

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