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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nursing team Blog: Day 4

Guatemala Day 4
    Another beautiful morning in Los Robles! Breakfast was pineapple, mango, eggs (scrambled), and sweet bread. After breakfast a group of 5-6 learned how to play the card game Scum while waiting for our day to start. A fun and interesting game. Today half of the group would be traveling and half staying here. I was assigned to registration at Casa de Sion. 
     I again started the day off making a cheat sheet of commonly used phrases. We did see a lot of patients and I became better and better at the conversations. I even registered a few patients without an interpreter! We were able to bring them in and prepare them faster than the practitioner could see them so I would have lull's in the day where I helped other areas or played with children waiting. The dentist was also seeing patients again that day so the pharmacy was running full tilt and I mainly helped there since I had some experience already. Lunch was an interesting sandwich. White bread with mayo, ketchup, onion, ham, and tomato. It was different. It was served with a cucumber, carrot, and lettuce salad. 
     After lunch we had two positive pregnancy tests and the practitioner removed 2 small bugs from a little girls ear! 

I was also able to help a woman find a pair of glasses to help her see. She had come in mentioning not being able to see very well but did not make a big deal out of it. After going through many pairs she finally found one and it was obvious it changed her. She was so excited to be able to see again and then other women started asking for help to be able to pick out glasses to see if their vision could be helped. It was a wonderful feeling being able to give them instant gratification and they were all so appreciative even though I did nothing it was all the glasses! I also had the chance to play with a baby! Which was a blast! I was apparently tired that night and did not write down what we had for dinner or what we did after wards. I know it was wonderful and we had a good time!

the teams love hamming it up with the kids

A picture of our blogger on the left, Mysti Motz

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Catherine Todd said...

I have a lot of reading glasses in higher strengths if you can use them. Can someone pick them up in Pana?

Yours, CatherineTodd2 at gmail dot com
Pana cel 5920-0358