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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Successful Volunteer Vacation in Guatemala

We have a wonderful supporter who brings us teams that do much good thru out the year. This was a nursing teams: RNs and student nurses who came to help. Below is the initial report they made on their work among our Mayan communities. I will post more pictures and comments from this great team as well as the amazing dental team we had: again dentists and students.
so many Mayans in Guatemala who need the medical help

some great nurses

our clinic needs the meds

the teams all seem to love Dominga's cooking

 Below is the quote

"Saw the team off this morning at the airport and am spending the rest of the day in a home hostel near the airport with my feet up, listening to the rain outside, reading and catching up on email and FB. We treated over 325 patients, made great new friends, and learned a lot. I am grateful for every team member and their amazing contributions to the efforts to provide health care and education to the Mayan communities we visited. I will be back to Utah tomorrow night to get ready for the two June teams. The MTSU students are not only wonderful clinicians but awesome organizers, the clinic is in terrific shape and ready for the June med"

We had wonderful news yesterday. here is another quote from our accountant in Guatemala about Edison the little boy I posted about last week. he is deaf and now has the hearing aids he needs. TTL
I read your blog about Edison. It was nice to see what I wrote in your blog. Thanks.
Now, I got new news for you:
“Remember Edison?, the deaf little boy from Agua Escondida, who you are helping with the transportation?
Well, I have good news. I helped his mother (Rosario) to write a letter and I went with her to talk to some people from the school he is attended here in Pana to ask if they could help her with special ear phones for his deaf son. That was like one month ago.
And guess what ????????? HE GOT HIS SPECIAL EAR PHONES. He had them on last Friday when I saw them. I didn´t have a camera with me that moment but I will get one. He doesn´t listen very well right now, but he has to practice and get use to the ear phones step by step. Rosario (the mother) is so happy and she told me to tell you about it. Now, the problem is that she doesn´t have money for the batteries and she is asking if we can help her?... She is gonna let me know how much are the batteries and how often they need to change them, and when I know , I’ll let you know.?"

Great things are happening
Vicki Dalia
Director of http://www.safehomesforchildren.org

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