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Friday, May 24, 2013

Edison: the deaf poster child for Casa de Sion

This is a little deaf boy that I just love. he is so humble and sweet and has such proper manners taught to him by a mother who loves him

I have loved this child and his family for a couple of years. His mama works so hard for his advancement and is always advocating for him. She has no education. His father works hard for the subsistence of his family, but he also has no education. The dad  is cognitively disabled and sells avocados for as much as he can make.  They are a wonderful, hardworking gracious family. I was interested and excited to get the following email from my accountant who hands the money out to the programs.

The picture shows 2 people I have learn to love thanks to your help and programs.
The little boy is EDISON (I'm sure you remember him). He is the sweetest little boy I have met. As you can recall, he can not hear or talk (he is deaft-mute). But he can communicate wonderfully with signs, smiles, hugs and kisses. I say this because every 2 weeks I gave his mother the money for transportation to bring him to the special school in Pana, he has been tought to tell me thanks with signs, to give me a hug and give me a kiss... I feel so great !!!! And this is thanks to the help you are giving him and her mother to come everyday from Agua Escondida to PAnajachel to the special school. And this school has been giving him a lot of confidence and a lot of help to communicate with other people (he was very shy before).
And his mother, Rosario, is an example of a mother. She has sacrified everything for her boy. She gives her life for her boy. All her time is for her boy. And she says that she is very thankful to you for the help of transportation that you are giving her and she says that she is sure that God is blessing you in all ways. She hopes to tell you all this in person when you come back again. And she will take his boy to you to see how he has been growing and how has he been improving.
HE IS A GREAT BOY... AND SHE IS A WONDERFUL MOTHER... It is worthed the help.

We love your help, so we can help them.

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Have a wonderful day.

Vicki Dalia

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