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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Adding a new Mayan community to Our feeding programs in Guatemala

Adding a new community for our feeding programs has a hard part and an easy part. The easy part. We have 24 on the waiting list and anyone we pick will be happy to see us come. Another easy part is determining that almost all the people here are so poor they can not help themselves. The hard part: making sure we can afford the food it takes to feed them. In the case of this community, we had 60 elementary school kids plus about 15 mamas of toddlers or infants plus their assorted toddlers and infants. That made about 105 malnourished people to feed lunch to 3 days a week. Plus we always hire a teacher to tutor the kids for 3 hours a day 5 days a week. Then we had to be prepared for the requests that are sure to come. Financial help for their middle school and high school kids to be able to continue in school and help for all the medically fragile people in the community. Total costs: Maybe around a $1000.00 a month or maybe more because once you take on a community they become like family. If the mudslides wash them out during rainy season, you want to help. If a child is dying, you definitely can't say no. BOTTOM LINE, WE NEED YOUR FINANCIAL AND MATERIAL GOODS HELP FOR THE COMMUNITY OF TOCAYCHE.  Here's a list: school supplies, shoes, OTC meds, VOLUNTEER VACATION TEAMS  to get to know the people and help, infant formula and cold hard cash. You can donate on our donate button or write me at 20.vicki@gmail.com for an address.
Our first view of the community of Tocayche in Guatemala

The type of home most of them lived in. Floor is probably dirt. With a little luck maybe unpainted cement

The poverty was not hard to surmise

Some of the Mayan mamas we will be feeding

Mamas and tots who will also be in our feeding program in Guatemala

60 kids in this Mayan elementary school. 

Isn't he a cutie

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