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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Elderly Mayan Couple Need Wheelchair

Poor lady can't even get to the outside bathroom

 Life among the Mayans can be dark and dreary esp. if you are handicapped. I spent a month in a wheelchair down there and know from experience. Not to even be able to go to the bathroom. Or to be an 80 year old man and have to carry your wife everywhere. WOW
Sweet Mayan couple. He is 80, she is 79. He can no longer carry her, even to the outside bathroom

inside of their Mayan Guatemalan home

Notice the adobe house.   After the horrific 1976 earthquake no one built with abode because it was too dangerous.  Everyone started using cement block and a special post and beam earthquake construction.  But over the past few years the cost of block has increased beyond the range of the poor and people again are going to abode.  Because it cannot be reinforced it is especially dangerous.

The Bathroom??? There are NO handicapped bathrooms in Guatemala.
Got another report from my staff of folks in need. Since need is never ending among the Mayans of Guatemala, we get a lot of these and can not help them without your help. Please donate so we can say yes. 100% of your donations go to help folks like these. Here is the quoted report

"Mario sent these pics from a couple: she is Manuela, 79 years old; AND her husband is José, 80 years old. Since 5 years ago she can't walk, AND her husband doesn't Have The strenght anymore to carry her from one place to another in The house. They Live alone AND The pics show The house where they Live. A wheel chair would be of a GREAT help for them, specially when he needs to take her to the bathroom which is not inside The house. Some people told them about Casa de Sión AND that is why they called me to Ask for help AND see if we can Get her a wheel chair."

Vicki Dalia
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