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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our New Feeding Program

Back in December a friend worte me about a group looking for more feeding programs in Guatemala to give  food to. Of course, I was interested as we have 25 new communities wanting our feeding programs and the only thing holding us back was the food. The first week here in January we met with the representative of Kids Against Hunger. Everything is a process and in Guatemala, everyting is a slow process. Finally, we were asked to pick the new community. We were doing some clinics in Maria de Carmen and realized how desperately the kids needed the food. Also they are 3 kms. down the road from Nueva Victoria so we picked them. 150 school kids to add to the feeding program. They also allowed us to put Nueva Victoria on the program. We still spend money on chicken, vegetables and fruit to add to the chicken flavored rice, lentils and dried veggies that are in the KAH packets. But with the money we saved we started a monthly feeding program for mamas and tots and infants at Chiuti-estancia. Here are some of the 150 kids from Maria del Carmen who now eat 3 times a week and have 3 hours of tutoring from our two teachers 5 days a week.
We still need the funds for the other 24 communities. Our funds are very low so please donate.

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Joseph said...

Feeding and teaching programs for children should go together. In order to grow not just their physical skills but also their emotional skills. It takes a lot of effort, sacrifice and funds to continue this program especially on non government organizations.

Joseph @ volunteer in sri lanka