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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Meet Onoria Yoxon Locon

We met this special little girl at our Mother and Tot's Feeding Program this week.  Her name is Onoria Yoxon Locon.  She is 16 years old.  We do not know what she has, but she is not able to walk or talk.  We do not know where her parents are, she has been left is the care of another.  Her caregiver have been taking her to therapy appointment carrying Onoria on her back.  She says that Onoria has grown to big to carry (the women I meet in Guatemala are amazing, I don't know how they carry what they do on their backs) and now she needs to take transportation.  The problem is that this women lives in poverty and cannot afford transportation, she is begging for help.  She is also asking for help to buy the diapers that Onoria needs.

She is asking for 450Q/mth (approximately $60) to help pay for transportation to therapy appointments and diapers.  If you would like to help her take care of  Onoria please donate today and send me an email to let me know--I will give you updates on how Onoria is doing.

Onoria (and her caregiver) enjoyed the wheelchair at Casa de Sion

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