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Monday, June 18, 2012

Lucia and the March medical team

Here are more pics from our March medical team. Kim, the pediatrician is checking out one of the older women from Maria del Carmen. High blood pressure and diabetes are always problems and no money to buy meds. The next picture is of the wife and children of our teacher in this area, Alfredo. Alfredo borrowed the money to get his degree and is now having to pay it back. His wife needs an operation for kidney stones that will cost $400.00. A lot of money for them. Can you help?
The third picture is of the pick-up load of kids we brought over from Nueva Victoria. We have 100 plus school kids there and it took 2 pick-ups of kids packed in to bring them to us. The last picture is of Lucia. She was one of the school kids from Nueva Victoria. Dr. Kim did quick heart, ear, eye and throat checks on all the kids. Lucia's heart check showed heart trouble. Plus her eyes showed that she can not get enough air and the world is a scary place for her. The next week we had Doc Peter do a more thorough exam and he has ordered an echocardiogram. Lucia's granma needs diabetes meds and the family can not afford any of this. Please pray for those in need and help. Even $5.00 amongst 100 people would pay for a lot of this.

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