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Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Fragile Kids we need Help With

Here are some more of the kids who came to Doc Peter's clinic.
I can not remember what was wrong with this sweet little one . He looks healthy in the picture, but he would not have ben there if he did not have some major medical issue
 This next baby was abandoned by her mom and is being raised by a foster mom. She was extremely malnourished and we started her on our infant feeding program immediately. The adoptive mama had heard about us when we did clinics in Maria del Carmen.
 Here is Maria again. The spina bifida child we have in our feeding program. We also provide the bandages and medicines she needs to keep her major sore on her foot doctored. When I say we, I mean you all. It is your donated money that enables us to buy these things.
 This little boy is one of 8 kids. He was signed up for the nutributter program and it was discovered how malnourished he was at that time. Because the new Guatemlan government has put the nutributter program on hold, we have taken him into our feeding programs.
Speaking of feeding programs, next blog I will go into the new one we have started and how Kids Against Hunger is helping us out.
Please help us if you can. We need formula donations, shoes and cash to help more kids. We have 25 more communities begging for our help. Please pass this blog on to all you know. Remember 100% of their donation goes to these kids. We donate our time, travel and personal expenses associated with this work. Jody and I travel to Guate in July. If you want to send something for us to take down , it needs to be to us by July 15th. Write me at 20.vicki@gmail.com for an address.

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