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Wednesday, April 07, 2010


There have been some major changes that have happened with our projects in Guatemala and it is time I let you know what is happening. But first I wanted you to see some special pictures of my family. One is of Max, my grandson who just turned two. isn't he precious. He looks alot like my son Joey. Joey is not his dad tho. My daughter Jenn is his mom. The one with alot of peole is me and my husband with various kids and grandkids. It was taken the day of Will's ,grandchild number 17, name blessing.
There is a picture of Will in his swing with his cousin Katie. Another picture of three of my five grandbabies born this last summer. Cooper, Colbey and Chloe. My family likes the letter C. Another one of my four oldest still living at home. Big John, Heather, Scotia and Caleb. And last a picture of Will's older sister Tali.
All these pictures are so cute, I will continue the TRANSITION TIME in the next blog, coming up right away.

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