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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First I want to start off with thanks to Laurisa who made us beautiful blankets to give out at our new birthing center. Next is A.B.Combs school for their collection of shoes and cash that was donated to our program. Also to Kid to Kid for their great donations of clothes. We will start next month doing a clothing distribution to the Mayan kids and pregnant women.
We have gotten to the great point of having enough donations and enough porgrams in Guatemala to need to send a container down. Anyone who knows how to do this, please write me as this is new for me. Also we will need to raise money for the shipping. But I have investigated and this is the cheapest way to ship. Plus I have a hospital administrator who is building two new hospitals and has promised me equipment from the old one for our clinic. Also I am hoping for a small tractor for our gardens.
Two fundrasing ideas. One is to buy cheap banks. Dale Earnhart ones are supposed to be cheap at the Dollar Stoes. Then take 3 or 4 pictures form our projects and laminate them and wrap around the cans. Inventory and put in 30 to 50 stores. Collect once a month. I know a group who has made in the last little bit $4500.00 from this.
Another one is one that I have a picture of on this blog. We had 3 wonderful men come down for a week. Before they came they donned a Pennyman costume and went to their kids' school. They taught the children the value of reading and then challenged them to collect a penny for each page they read for the next month from mom, dad and graandparents,etc. They told them the pennies would be used for Spanish books for our tutorials. They brought down $1200.00 worth of books for our kids. I am going to try Pennyman in some of our schools along with a powerpoint on our programs. The pennies could be used for food or educational supplies or school supplies or whatever. Thanks Mike and team. These great men also did a milk and formula distribution and gave nutrition to 30 families and 100 kids. Robert, our new director, started a file on each family we help. Mike and friends also finished the tin roof on the clinic. And they brought the money for a new house for Jose. Very basic and not hugh to us USA people but beautiful to Jose and his family. Will have pictures soon of it. They also changed the locks on all our facilities both in Pana and Los Robles.
View from the new clinic to our other facilities
Boys at our tutorials reading the new books
Two of the men who came
The clinic almost done
The clinic again
The new yard
Dominga cleaning the upstairs room
Kids from the tutorial

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