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Friday, April 23, 2010

Good People

There are lots of good people in this world. We appreciate all who help us in Guatemala and are multi-denominational. In other words as long as you are wanting to do good and help, we are happy to have you. We have a wonderful team down there now finishing the inside walls of the clinic and painting cute kid's things on the rooms to be used for the child development and prenatal classes. I hear they have fixed up the tutorial room real cute too. I hope to have pictures soon so I can show you.
I received this week two boxes of great shoes for the kids from Bonnie and a box of handmade baby blankets for our birthing center from Laurisa's mom. They are all packed to go down with me along with the many wonderful shoes we received from Danny and his youth group. Also some medical supplies and the new walker for Samuel is on it's way to my house. It will go with me also.
The pictures are of my daughter Bethany who is also a good person. She is serving a mission right now in Italy. We miss her, but are really grateful for her service to others.

I had some great news this week. Robert, our new director, has located several children who used to be in our home. Maybe some of you remember them. Anna, Diego and Abram are living in Santiago with their grandparents and their druggy parents. Not a great situation for them, but now that we know where they live we can help with clothes, food , schooling and medical care. they are supposed to be in desperate straits. We also located Manuel, Rosa, Carlos and Rolando and their younger brothers and sisters. They live with their mom and the dad has run off. We will be able to help them also as there situation is also described as desperate. I know there are at least 4 younger bors and sis and the mom has lost a couple of little ones due to malnutrtion.
Robert was also able to find Anselmo, our old guardian. His mom Juana worked for me for 3 years and I had been trying to get Pedro to locate the family so we could help with their needs. Anselmo is working as a guardian. His two oldest children are on student scholarships thanks to Erin and fam. We will be meeting with this family also.

So thanks to all you good people and the help you give.

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