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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gary and Sylvia's Team

We had a team last week of 15 people who were a great help. The men worked with our builder and some of his men to do all the inside walls of the clinic. I can't wait to see it. The women painted the insde walls of the big central room in the main house that we will use for the child development and prenatal classes. They also did some work on the dining room. Look how cute everything looks.I can't wait to see it and get the classes going.
Did I tell everyone that Mike's group paid our builder to do a simple new house for Jose and family.?
Also we got a donation that will enable us to add more kids to our incaparina program. It will also give us the funds to send the pregnant women home from the prenatal classes with a dozen eggs and a bag of incaparina for them each week. We also will pay the transportation for the women to coome from other villages.
Thanks everyone.

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