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Friday, October 11, 2013

Children changing the world

Addy, Katie and Marcus
Many of you will remember my daughter, Katie, and her saving her change to bring bubbles and tattoo stickers to the kids in Guatemala when we went down 1 1/2 yrs ago.    Since we have been home she has had grander plans.  Every time I would put away clothing that no longer fit; she would say "let's put that in the yard sale pile".  Every time the baby outgrew a toy she would say; "that will be great for the yard sale".  Somehow she got it in her head that she was going to hold a yard sale to raise money for the kids in Guatemala.  I agreed with her but didn't make any real plans.  But as the summer was drawing to a close Katie really started pushing me to do the yard sale.  I realized that this was a good opportunity to teach my children about giving.  I finally committed, enlisted the whole family, set a date and reached out to friends to see if they had anything they wanted to donate.  The response was overwhelming!  We also decided to do a lemonade stand and bake sale.  I decided that the kids would be able to be more involved in selling food then manning the yard sale.

 Marcus with his sign

Katie with her sign

Marcus and Katie happened to be home sick the day we hung the signs, but Addy was in school so I didn't get a picture of her with her sign.

The morning of the yard sale started off with bang.  The sale started at 8:30 and people started coming at 7:45!  Luckily a couple friends came to help me and another friend showed up with her kids to help with the Lemonade Stand.  

The kids took turns being in charge of the stand.  It was entertaining to see my shy son running up to yard sale customers to see if they wanted to buy a cookie or some lemonade.

Marcus and Ava

Marcus making a sale

Katie and Zoe
Katie got up bright and early to help me set up everything.  She had a soccer game at 8:30am but rushed home to do her part. 

We ended up getting rained out at around noon.  The kids were pretty disappointed until we counted our money.  We made over $750!  That will buy a lot of formula!!!

For some reason Miss Addy kept seeming to miss the camera so I just wanted to give a little shout out to her because she did a great job of doing her part!

We are hoping to take the formula down ourselves sometime the beginning of next year.   If anyone is interested in joining us for a family team please email me.

Also, if anyone is interested in doing something similar let us know and we send you our rack cards (brochures) to hand out and bracelets made the local women to sell.

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