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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Construction underway

 We arrived on September 25th and after settling in we hired a builder to start with the new bodega.  It is next to existing kitchen and will also house a bathroom and laundry room.  These latter two rooms are required by the government authorities for an orphanage.  The bodega (warehouse) is large 6m. x 7m. and must hold all the existing supplies in the old building which will turn into the orphanage.  We had to move the old outdoor firepit behind the new building and outside what will be the play area.

 The builder began on Oct 2nd and expects to finish about Oct 24th with everything but the roof.  He had to find some extra long beams and we want them to dry, at least, a little.

 We also have to extend the dining area by ten feet and put a perimeter fence around the main yard area.  Our afterschool feeding-tutorial program ended this last Friday with the end of school and we will begin work on the dining area on Monday.  Later this week we hope to start on the perimeter fence.  When we talked with our consultant about opening the orphanage 3 year ago, they were demanding a 6' block fence topped with 6' of chain link and then razor wire.  It sounded like a prison to us.  They have scaled it down to 6' of chain link and I am hoping we don't have to do the razor wire on top.
In the beginning of November we should have these projects stable enough to begin on the 3rd floor which will be the new (&improved) volunteer housing.  It will be lighter and more airy.   We applied for a matching grant of $15,000 and think we have a good chance of getting it.  We will not know till February so keep praying.


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