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Monday, August 05, 2013

Raquel, the wonder 8 year old fundraiser

Raquel has family in Guatemala. She and her mom, dad and brother are going to visit there this month. She had a conversation with the Lord where He talked to her about helping the children of Guatemala. We were lucky enough that she was led to help us at Casa de Sion. With the help of her mother she decided to do a lemonade stand. They were very successful.
My 7 year old granddaughter Katie is going to a yard sale to raise money for the kids in Guatemala. More power to the 7 and 8 year olds of the world and their wonderful moms. We need a 100 more of them.
Below is Raquel's story as told by her mom.

" I am so happy to inform you that Raquel raised $828.30 during Saturday's Lemonade Stand. It was an exciting day so much so that no one noticed the almost 100 degree heat. I was very happy to see neighbors, friends and family pitch in to help make this a success. Even our local businesses helped. All the lemonade and supplies were donated by our local Keyfood supermarket and 300 cookies were donated by Raquel's favorite bakery. One of my co-workers made nutella wafers, one of my Boy Scout moms made red velvet cupcakes and even my mom made donuts.

I am very proud of Raquel. We were happily surprized to have a reporter for our local news station arrive to do a segment on Raquel and the Lemonade Stand. Raquel's story will air sometime next week as part of the NY1 - New Yorker of the week series. I could not be prouder. I will send you a copy when it airs. I have also heard that Raquel will be mentioned in our local tribune/courier papers. Raquel hopes that the extra media coverage will bring in some more donations. I will keep you posted on that. Raquel will also be taking pictures and providing a report on her experience in Guatemala for the same news reports in NY."
lemons donated by the store
more items donated to help

putting out the signs

the big day

yeah, customers

and now the tv people

friends helping

lemonade sure was good on this 100 degree day

we love Raquel

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