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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Miracle of Edison

 here is a picture of Edison and his mama. She brought him to Casa de Sion 2 years ago when he was 2.5 years old. He could not hear. But he had the sweetest look in his eyes. You could tell he was unsure of the world by the way he never smiled, clung to his Mother's skirt and never played. We had him checked out by Dr. Peter who said he definitely could not hear. then he recommended treatment at Fundibien in Panajachel. Casa de Sion  found a sponsor who has paid for the transportation. Then they started a school in Pana for special kids like Edison. Again their transport was paid for. we never could come up with the $1000.00 needed for the hearing aids tho. But the school found him some. I saw him for the first time with his new hearing aids a couple of days ago and he is a different child. Coming up to me and signing hello. Smiling and laughing and looking like the world is not such a scary place. Oh how he touched my heart. Then his mama gave me a basket full of hot homemade tamales. So poor, but so generous. How I love this Mayan family.
my basket of tamale feeding the men at a staff meeting
Have you ever seen a sweeter smile
what about this one; see his little hearing aids?

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