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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wow there is a lot of work to opening an orphanage. My husband, accountant and I met for 3 hours with Edy Tum yesterday. He is the consultant that handles the opening of new orphanages. He checked out our place and gave us a blow by blow of everything we need to do and need to get. Here it is. If you have ever wanted to help the orphans of the third world here is YOUR chance.  Below is the list.

A picture of the addition we want to add to the playground
Edy, Roy and my husband meeting at the orphanage building. I, of course, am taking the picture.

CONSRUCTION List of improvements to Los Robles

Edy Tum says these need to be done by mid-October.


1.        Extend dining room  out 8’ to 10’ and close in.  I like the idea of large windows to allow for ventilation.

2.       Water and sink put in kitchen. Possibly build a new kitchen and use old one for food bodega.  Two cabinets with doors for food storage.    

3.       Add bodega space possibly near the kitchen area.  More much more space.

4.       Pila with 3 faucets for teeth brushing outside of kitchen.

5.       Gas tank for kitchen has to be enclosed or outside back beyond the kitchen wall.

6.       Fire pit has to be enclosed.  Possibly put beyond back of kitchen area.

7.       All windows that are broken need to be replaced.

8.       Umbrellas for tables.

9.       Add laundry room on 3rd-4th floor or near kitchen  area.  Must be enclosed if kids nearby.

10.   Fence around perimeter of property.  Must include new gate for cars, to clinic, and beyond to gardens.  Two meters high with maya embedded in cement at bottom.

11.   Fence  near parking area.

12.   All inside doors need knobs and locks that kids cannot use.

13.   Need fire extinguishers.  At least 2 preferably three.

14.   Painting inside and out all over except clinic. 

15.   Signs for all doors preferably in English as well as Spanish.

16.   Closets need to be painted and screwed to walls.



We need to build a third floor to accommodate teams which bring in money and donations and labor for the programs.  This will allow the bottom two floors to be exclusively for the orphanage.



Jody & Vicki Dalia













Other things that need to be done


1.        All board members need to have submitted to Edy Tum by tomorrow the following:

Scanned copy of your passport or DPI which includes Name, age, passport number, passport origin, and additionally your occupation and marital status.


2.       Need bell, Furniture for orphanage:  enough to outfit two living rooms for orphanage.  Couches, rocking chairs, etc.  Wall decorations for children.   LDS posters would be nice.  CD player with church CDs.   One TV with DVD player and DVDs that are educational, uplifting or clean recreational entertainment. 

3.       Bedding: kid oriented sheets, quilts and pillows.  Bedding for twin and crib size. 

4.       Diapers, formula and other baby items.

5.       Table and chairs for studying.

6.       Spanish children’s books.

7.       Larger van for transportation to church.  Pickup truck. Newer car.

8.       Children’s toys.  Small ridding toys for toddlers.  Sports equipment. 

9.       More playground equipment.

10.   More bunk beds and cribs.

11.   Kitchen equipment.  Silverware, pots & pans, plastic plates & cups, blender & other appliances.

12.   Anyone with connections to food producers in the country: for example, supplies of cheese, yogurt, milk or the like.

13.   To increase our self-sufficiency we have 13 unused acres and could use: livestock, cows, goats, pigs, chickens, fruit trees, etc.

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