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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This is a starter NEEDS LIST
These could done as a part of Eagle Scout Projects, Church Groups, Katie's Group and Vacation Volunteers, etc. 
Important Relative Fact: Besides the orphanage over 5000 meals per month are provided for not just the Los Robles community, but 5 other extremely poor communities. 
Over 60+ monthly/ yearly Student Scholarships (correct #?) are being provide by the Dalias/ Casa de Sion.

Farming assistance, weeding, irrigation, organic fertilizing, bringing in black soil, cultivating etc. 
Clearing Farm Land, removing rocks, weeds, sticks, cultivating and preparing ground, etc. 
Fruit Tree Care, Pruning, Aerating, Picking Fruit, transporting. 
Fence Building: Two areas for fence 1. new Farm Area and 2. chain link w steel posts installed in orphans playground and for safety on front highway side. We should have at least 2 rows high of block circulating the external perimeter ideally. I don't know how strict they will be, but if we can get it donated and done by volunteers, it would be good. The fencing would go up from their total of 2 meters (6+ feet high). 
Playground Equipment and Installation: Need basketball hoop and pole, ........... (we have some equip already) to be coordinated.
Metal Signs: We need high quality metal signs painted with high grade weather resistant paint to post at every area. They ALL must be uniform. This is a strict requirement from several government agencies. examples: Playground, Kitchen, Drinking Water, Irrigation Water Only, Dining Area, Parking Area, Tutorial Area, Boys Bathroom, Girls Bathroom, Supervisors Bathroom, New born - 2, Toddlers 2 - 4 yrs, 4-6, 6-10, 11-15 yr olds (over each door). We will need a sign for each child for their personal locker (We prob need some blank ones made up for future children and then we can paint names ourselves later). These should be Cute maybe using our logo. 
New Orphanage Sign for building: We need a good artist to do this very professionally. This can be done as a mural with the new logo. 
Strip and paint front wood fence: I suggest that we need this wood fence for more privacy even though we are putting up chain link in front of it. 
Parking Area needs to be separated with fencing of some kind so it is secure and separate from children's area. Important to CNA.
Grounds organization: building walking paths, developing gardens. Children should be taught horticulture, farming and be surrounded by flowers and all the beautiful exotic plants that are characteristic of the region.
MAJOR CONSTRUCTION: Labor to Add third floor to existing orphanage home, includes: masonry work, plumbing (2-3 bathrooms with showers), electrical, windows, doors, trim and finish work, paint, etc. 
MAJOR CONSTRUCTION: Labor Expand kitchen and eating area, includes: masonry work, windows, doors, electrical, etc. 
Artisan Training Courses: Need volunteers to come and teach sewing, weaving, crocheting, painting, (especially pottery making). I have a vision of Los Robles being a pottery production center. NO ONE does this well anywhere around the region. It can also be know for basket weaving. All this should be done to preserve the artistic and cultural signature of their Mayan heritage. Requires planning and acquiring proper materials.
Musician Courses: We have access to many professional musicians in the USA and in the capital through the Universities such as La U. de Landivar, etc. We need musicians to come with simple instruments and have music classes for them to learn: Guitar, Ukulele, Flute, Recorder, Singing, Marimba, etc. There are over 1000 simple ancient instruments used by the Mayans. We should figure out how to make some of them and teach them to play them as a group. Form and children's musical group.
Secondary Projects:
Build Music building where the children are taught music lessons. We could be a music training center and even expand to the community. God knows they need it. 
Build a mechanic shop near the road: We would like to start the shop as a welding shop, basic tire repair and auto repair shop. It could serve us for repairs and projects as well as service to the community.
Build an art shop/ store for sewing, arts and crafts production shop/ store. We can also sell our goods and produce there or up in Godinez. Now we are creating enterprise and productivity

ITEMS NEEDED to be donated:
Plumbing materials for 3 bathrooms and for 10 showers 
Concrete, gravel, sand
Re-bar (various sizes), wire ties
Lumbar: 2"x4"s, 4" x 4"s, FORMS: 8'x12"x1"
electrical wire, plastic conduit, plugs, light sockets, fixtures
10 Windows
Tile for flooring and bathrooms
Metal Stair Case (1 flight)
2 Steel Doors, Hardware, etc
8 Computers with Internet (because we are in a remote area some kind of receiver or booster would be necessary) Along with installation and training. I know a guy who specializes in this service in the lake area to help: We have the computers, just need everything else.
Books for Libraries both in Spanish and English or Kakchiquel if at all possible. 
Decor for the orphanage
5 Fire Extinguishers (one per floor and per area, Kitchen should be special for grease, ABC (I believe is rating). Required by CNA and gov agencies. 
Tools: welder, buckets, shovels, pick ax, saws for both metal and wood, pliers, cutters, hammers, trowels, etc.

Television: Questionable??? probably not necessary unless can be used as a computer screen???
DVD player and G rated or educational kid movies




This list includes items and points from my meeting with Edy Tum back in May 2013. This is just a rough draft, but we need to post this, so we can get it donated. If people know, then they might be more likely to do it. 

Get involved in making kids lives better
Donate any amount. It will help


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