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Friday, November 09, 2012

Panimaché Quinto

We had a new community come to us asking for help.  They are a community of 290 people; 88 are kids under 14 and 67 of those are elementary age.  They were displaced a little over a year ago when a mud slide covered their village and all of their homes.  They lost everything.  They were able to scrap enough together to purchase a piece of land.  

The land they live on is less than desirable; it is cold, wet, and muddy most of time.  There is a strong wind that is almost always blowing.  It is usually about 40 degrees but will drop below freezing in the winter.  Their houses are made of scrap wood and metal.  There is no water nor electricity.  Everyone has dirt (or mud) floors.

The bright spot of the community is the 3 room school house.  A group came in a while back and built it for them.  Education is very important to this community.  Most of the children are at grade level which is VERY rare for the communities we are working with. 
It reads; "I believe in my future."

We send Mario up with some clothes to hand out, they were so very grateful, but sadly he ran out of shoes before he was able to give a pair to everyone who needed one.

We have high hopes for this community and would like to start our programs there.  We would like to start the tutorial and after school feeding program when school starts again in Jan.  We also need more cold weather items for this group before winter sets in.

Panimache Qunito needs list
-money for programs
-formula for infants
-coats, hats mittens, etc
-study shoes of all sizes

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