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Monday, November 26, 2012

Anna Maria

With the Christmas season coming up we thought we would give you some opportunities to give!

Meet Anna Maria, she is 9 months old.

She is the youngest of 9 kids and the family is very poor.

We are not quite sure what is wrong with her legs, but we feel confident it is something that medical care can remedy. 

All 11 of the family members live in the house below.

We want Anna Maria to be able to run around with her bothers and sisters.  We want her to be able to walk to school and become whomever she wants to be.  We need your help so that we can send Anna Maria to the city and help her receive the medical help she needs. 

If you would like to help Anna Maria please donate (leave me a note with her name) or email me at erin.casadesion@gmail.com

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