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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Karla Lucia

We have another little one who needs help.  Her name is Karla Lucia.  She 9 years old and has two little brothers.  She lives in one of the poorer communities that we help--Maria del Carmen.  

 This is her home where Karla lives with her mom, dad and two little brothers.

Her parents said that she walked until she was two and a half, it was then that they realized that one leg was shorter then the other.   Sadly her parents didn't (and don't) have the means to get her the medical help that she needs.  We would love to get Karla to the doctor and get her the care and tools she needs to help her walk without pain.

The medical care is free, Karla needs help with bus fare, room and board while they are in the city and any meds they give her .

If you would like to help Karla please donate or email me at erin.casadesion@gmail.com.

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