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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Self Sufficiency

We are big proponents of self sufficiency.  We think the poor should be cared for, but we also hope that they will one day be able to care for others.  Welfare should be short term.  With that in mind we strive to not handicap those we are helping by making them dependent on us.  We are hoping that the babies we feed will go to school, that the school kids we tutor will continue to highschool and the highschool scholarships we pay for will lead to leaders in the community and stable families and that some day, we will not be needed.

In that spirit, here are some pictures of the scholarship students from Chutiestancia doing the work they do in return for the scholarship they receive.  This Saturday they are clearing some of the land at Los Robles.  The boys brought their own machetes and the girls picked up everything they cleared.


Our students

If any of these great kids stand out to you let me know, because they will need scholarships again in a couple months.

Thank you for helping us help these kids!

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