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Monday, August 06, 2012


Back in June we posted about a little boy Eduardo, he is 3 years old.  Eduardo cannot hear, the hearing aids that he needs cost $2000.  (Dr Peter told us that the hearing aids would enable him to hear load noises and things that might be dangerous to him.)

We have not received any help for Eduardo, but luckily for him things have changed a little.  We have found a school in Panajachel for hearing impaired children.  We believe that if he attends this school they will help with the hearing aid he needs (not to mention sign language and all the other education he will receive).  His family can not afford the transportation to school everyday.  It will cost them $20/mth in transportation.  Can anyone help with this?

His mother is very active in advocating for him, so we feel confident that if we can get him to this school she will be able to get the rest of what he needs.

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