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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bottles and Breast

Most of you have probably heard of the great debate between breast and bottle.  Some of you probably have very strong opinions.  Well, we are going to give you a change to express those opinions (monetarily that is).  We first started the formula program because of a baby who died while we had containers of formula sitting in our storage, we vowed that no other child in Los Robles would die from malnourishment.  We started handing out formula and now have 100s of babies (in 3 plus communities) that are getting proper nourishment.  Most of these babies get half formula/half breast milk, some get all formula--but the deciding factor for the mother's is not which is best, it is DOES she have a choice.  Most of the women in our program are so malnourished that they are not producing milk. 

When Katie and Vicki (both big promoters of the breast) were in Guatemala last month they talked about how to help more women breastfeed their babies.  It was decided that we will offer food incentives to  the women already in our programs who want to try to exclusively breastfeed.  We are also accepting new moms but not putting their infants on the formula program.  We are weighing each child and then if the child is not gaining weight then they will be given formula, but if they are gaining the mother will be enrolled in our feeding program (which will provide lunch 3/days week).  If she does not live close to a feeding program then she will be given incaparina for herself.  We are hoping this will make a healthier mother and baby.

Katie and her group are working on getting their local Le Leche League involved.  

So how can you help (monetarily that is)?  Donate of course.  If anyone wants to sponsor a breastfeeding mom is is $30/mth.

Silver lining--it is WAY cheaper to feed the mom then buy the formula for the baby--this would allow us to include more moms in the program.  You can also help by talking to your local Le Leche League about donating or helping sponsor a fundraiser.  Please let me know if you are interested in sponsoring a breastfeeding mom (or if you are already sponsoring and want your money to go towards that just shoot me an email).

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