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Saturday, December 31, 2011


This has been a year of growth for us. Not hard to grow in Guatemala when you are helping the poor. As a matter of fact the it is hard to keep up.

A. Mother's program. We went to 168 mamas at our last Dec. meeting. That means about 400 plus toddlers and infants. That is how many we feed lunch to once a week and give formula and incaparina to twice a month. We pay transportation for many of them. In 2012 we hope to increase to 200 mamas. There are over 1000 on the waiting list.

B. Elementary feeding program. We now feed 200 plus elementary students 3 times a week. We give all of them 3 hours of tutorial help with a staff of 3 hired teachers.

C. Middle school student scholarships. We now have 100 children in line to get scholarships. We hope tohave the funds to do at least 50 of them. That is about $350.00 per kid.

D. Clothing, shoes and school supplies distributed to hundreds of children. Last year we sent down part of a container that cost $2100.00 in shipping. We just dropped off twice that much to go a container and arrive in Feb.

E. Chosen to participate in a USAID nutributter program. 24 NEW communities are being assessed as to how many infants between the ages of 6-24 months will receive the nutributter. Casa De Sion has done such a good job, it is being used as the model for everyone esle to follow. We hope as our support grows to add all of the above programs to these new communities.

F. Clinic. Always available for OTC meds if we have them. Had several sessions of doctors doing general clinics. We helped many children have the necessary medical care they needed from lab work to major operations.

G. We now have permanent volunteer accommodations in a safe location about 15 minutes from Casa de Sion. Our family will be staying there Jan. thru Mar. and then it is available to other teams. All proceeds from it go to the projects.


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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything has been going well! I am happy I got to be of help to Casa De Sion last fall! I hope to visit again this year sometime and miss the children immensely! Much love to all the hardworking people that make Casa De Sion work so well!