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Friday, December 02, 2011

Sharing Our Abundances

I want to offer each of you an opportunity. To be the right hand of God. To feel your soul enlarged. To have your spirits soar. You see I get this opportunity alot and it is an awesome feeling. I want to share it with you.

Our nutributter program is being extremely successful. We have received many compliments from Jose Cali, the incountry director for Peter Roholf [ the USA pediatrician in charge of the Nutributter program]. Our first part of this program is sending employees, at our expense, to the communities we are assigned to. We are to find all the community leaders and have them work with us enough to give us their emotional support. Then we find all the 0-5 month olds in the community and all the 6-24 month olds. We get names and ages, etc. We also are getting mush more family info like no. of kids in family, no. of elderly or handicapped living in the home, dirt or cement floors, kids 2-5, ages of all kids, grades in school of all kids, grades that parents went thru, family income, etc. As we do this we find out all the problems that the family has. We do not ask their problems but if you were a parent and had a kid near death because of starvation, or your kid was going to have to drop out of school in 6th grade because you had no money or your kid was so sick you feared death and could not afford medical doctors or medicine, wouldn't you tell us you need help. Because we are doing such a good job of getting the info Jose and Peter need, we have been told we are doing the best of anyone in the program and have been given 24 communities. Along with those communities come many, many more needs. Many miracles and many feelings of soul enlargement and being spiritually full. I want you to share those with you. Be part of helping us save the baby who is almost dead from malnutrition . Feel how much more rewarding it is than the new purse, the candy bars, the eatting out all the time. Or help pay the hospital for the next one we have to send. Give this as a Christmas present to yourself. Give yourself the highest high you can remember. We will help you find it.

In January, 2012, we will begin distributing the nutributter monthly to all the kids 6 mo. to 24 mo. At the same time we would like to give the infants up to 6 months formula. That runs about $20/month. Consider helping with that. Or remember the numerous other children in these new communities that will need scholarships to continue into middle or high school.

Also, remember our Christmas cards that are for sale. All of that money goes into Safe Homes. And with any donation remember we or anyone in the US takes anything nothing out of Safe Homes. We pay all of our own expenses.

The pictures are from the community of Chuti-Estancia. Here are some of the stats from that community. 130 plus babies 6-24 months will be in our nutributter program, 125 children ages 2-5 who need a nutritional program of their own, 400 plus elementary children who need a lunch/tutorial program, tons of kids who won't go to school next year because there is no money to send them. Out of 265 parents, 5 finished high school, 16 went to middle school , 165 went to Primary school [ most went to 1st or 2nd grade and that was it ] and 81 had no schooling. Half of their houses have dirt floors, the others are cement. If they can find work, the most they make is $100 a month. When they list their job, it is rancher of their small piece of land or maid for their small house. One house had an inside bathroom, the rest did not. All cooked over open fires. They can not afford to make the change that needs to be made. Most of you can help here. Help us to help the babies and little ones have enough nutrition to have brain power. Help us to educate them so they can break this cycle of poverty. And in return, you will receive a fullness of spirit.

Write me at 20.vicki@gmail.com

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