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Sunday, August 22, 2010

More from Guate

We have been so busy the last few days. We set up tents in Nahuala on Thurs. for families that had very crude shelters, like boards loosely put together and old tin roofs done the same. The boards were so far apart and the tin so loose that rain came in freely. Their floors were dirt and always muddy. They slept on boards raised about an inch from the ground with whatever they could find for blankets. It is always raining there, it seems and the children had no coats. By the time we left on Thurs., all the kids had jackets and some had shoes. Each family had a tent with a floor and sleeping mats and blankets. They had water jugs and water filters. The tents are beautiful and the families were so..... happy. No rain, no wind and no mud floor. We are going back out there today to give out a 100 pound bag of corn and 10 pounds of beans and soap and sugar to each family. We did the same on Friday to the 63 families of Panamache { now called Nueva Victoria}. I have to go pack and get ready to deliver food, so will have to write more later. Also have a bunch of pictures. I usually go yo church on Sunday but this is our only day we can delvier the food as it was the only day I could get a 4 by 4 to make it back to Nahuala.

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