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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

here in guate

first let me say i am at an internet cafe with no caps that work on the computer and is missing several keys. love guate. we have been so busy. the first day here mike with shelter box tents called me asked if we needed more tents. he had given us 50 some right after the hurricane and he was in the country ad had more and had my guate number. i told him we were going to do a needs assessment the next day would let him know. well in one day we found over 1000 homeless people living in horrible shelters or out in the open. the children were so scik from living in the cold , 40 degrees, and rain with only a tshirt and pants and some with no shoes. 600 of them had zip in the way of food. not even beans and corn. safe homes for children is buying 1500 DOLLARS WORTH OF 100 POUND BAGS OF CORN AND BEAANS AND BOXES OF SOAP. GUS, OUR SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR FRIEND HERE IN COUNTRY GOT A TRUCK FROM THE MUNICIPALITY AND IS PICKING UP ALL THE TENTS TODAY. THEY WEIGH 110 POUNDS EACH AND COST 1000 US DOLLARS EACH. WE WILL BUY THE FOOD TOMORROW AND SPEND ALL DAY TOMORROW, FRIDAY AND SAT SETTING UP TETS AND GIVING OUT FOOD IN 3 COMMUNITIES. IW ILL BE SO HAPPY FOR THE CHILDREN TO GET OUT OF THE RAIN AND COLD. I HAVE SHOES FOR THE WORST OF THE CASES.either there is no caps or all caps. gosh i miss my computer . other organizations are beggin us for small neds tools. please go to all your doctor friends. we need the thing you look in the ear with. a stethascope and the thing you listen to the babies heart beat with.. we need them for several clinics. also many meds as the homeless people are all sick. also moey for food. and to ship our container that has many pairs of shoes. oh yeah we are out of formula.
yesterday at our mamas gorup we had 44 mamas adn 100 children. another crippled boy who can not walk, a two year old who had been hit on the arm so bad it was broken and the dad would not let us take him to the hospital. we have a 13, 9 and crippled 6 year old lving by themselves that need help. toms of malnourished and starving kids and moms. i will write more and send pictures when i return. but samuel has his new races and walked acroos the room to me with a hugh smile on his face. he walked perfectly. it was amazing. the 8 year old who came in yesterday and can not walk is named tony and is 8. my son at home is named tony and is 8 so i fell in love with him immediately. my twins were there anad they are so healty and cute thanks to the formula and clothing we give for them. i started teaching the mamas the steven covey 7 habits yesterday and they had no idea what being pproactive meant, but by the time i finished they said they knew and marie is going to work with them on the habits for the next year helping them grow in thier effectiveness in life. i love our new managers, russ and marie. they organized all our books and classified them ad we now have a genuine library, the only one for an hour around.

as far as our reunion here is what i was thinking. tripp comes in fri. he is at my house fri. jenn comes in sat to rental. her fam and tripps fam stay there til mon when tripp leaves. bets and hannah move in to rental cabin then. erin and fam stay with us in guest bedroom and bets and hannahs bedroom or emmies bedroom whichever is easier. sarah and fam stay with flossie. sunday we have a big fam dinner and a photograpeher. do not who that will be yet. any suggestions. monday, tues and weds, we do park and pcinic and hike, creeper trail and childrens barter theatre depending on weather. thurs just chill. bethany cooks italian with scotia and alisa as sous chefs and we all clean up. any takers for the other days. i will buy breakfast and lunch food for everything esle and will buy supper food if i have cooks.
well gotta to go meet with the managers..

love all of you and really miss you, but sure do realize how lucky you have it.
mom and vicki

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Tatiana said...

Just sent you some money as my disability payment finally came through. I hope it helps you feed some of these people in need. Tell them I love them!