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Monday, July 12, 2010

Samuel, his mom and Marciscio

We are kind of at a crossroads in the work we do in Guatemala. We are starting to bring in more financial donations as well as material ones and it is time to grow. But how do we grow? especially when there is so much need? My husband and I have been debating this now for a couple of weeks and , of course, we don't agree. He wants to take our lunch/ tutorial/ incaparina, formula program, add a preschool in the mornings and give lunch to all the kids. During the tutorials we want to add the Steven Covey seven habits to the curriculum we teach so the kids are getting a character based education. Then we would do the same program in other communities. Have the government department donate the land and the villagers donate labor. I like this idea. But the question is, is this all we do? We say no to those who come to us with needs?. I having been meditating on this issue and this morning I got my answer. I love the up close and personal I love the children telling us when a man breaks in their home and tries to rape the 13 year old girl. I want to knw when they need us. I want to help make sure these little ones are safe. I like having them payback what they can as I think it is good for self esteem. So when Samuel's mom asked us to pay for the leg braces he needed, we agreed on the condition that she or Samuel's older sister help cook for our programs. They have been doing that. Sometimes we say no. Someone came to us to pay transportation when their mom was dying. We had to say no. My focus is the children. Recently Samuel's mom told us the braces cost more and we need to provide 700more Qs [ about $80.00 ]. Also she had to have a C-section with the last baby and then got a staph infection at the hospital. She needs about $45.00 to pay for the lab work they did for her. Would any of you like to help here? A total of $135.00 will take care of these needs.
A little story about Samuel's mom, Argentina, and me. I spent some quality time with her the last time I was there. No. 6 was due any day and she was terrified. Having an emergency, not making it to the hospital, getting sick afterwards. All the things that actually happened to her. And not having the money to pay. I totally related to her fear. When I was expecting my number 4, I had a placenta previa. I was able to live in an apt. right acrooss the street from the hospital, thanks to my mom and dad who paid the rent and my mom who came to keep the 2 and 1 year olds. I was terrified of the surgery, but knew the hospital was competent and had a lot of faith in my doctor. We were dirt poor and did not have the money to pay the hospital or the meds I needed, but the Hillburton paid my bill. Argentinia is me 30 years ago. If you don't want to help her, I will.
Another great story. The little boy in the blue and yellow shirt was posted on a blog about 6 months ago. His name is Mariscio. A man in TN had a dream about him the night before we posted the picture. The dream was so real that Bryson went on the internet the next day looking for a little boy in a blue anad yellow shirt from Guatemala. We were the third site he went to. He saw the picture I had posted the day before where Marciscio is standing there in his blue and yellow shirt big as life and knew he had come to the right place. Bryson leaves Thurs. to come volunteer with us for a few days and check us out for he and his family to do long term volunteering.
These are the things I like. The up close and personal faith promoting experiences. I would miss out on them if we just built programs and not people.

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