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Thursday, July 15, 2010

1] one feeding program 3 days a week where we give lunch and vitamins to about 40 kids from the elementary school next door.
2] we provide volunteers to help at the elementary school next door teaching English
3] We provide a teacher to do tutorials at our facility after lunch for 3 hours
4] we work to provide student scholarships to children who can not afford to go on to middle school or high school
5] every Tues. we provide lunch for 50 Mayan mothers and 100 children under the age of 4.
6] Every Tues. we have a playgroup for the children, a child development class for the moms and a prenatal class for pregnant ladies. We send the pregnant ladies home with 8 eggs to help wit nutrition.
7] We have just built a clinic building and have a brithing room in it where the ladies can come with their midwife and deliver their baby in a clean environment.
8] Whenever we can get medical or dental staff we hold clinics in our facility and in the LDS church in San Andres
9] We have just had a team build us a 100 bird chicken house. When I am there in August , I will buy the laying chickens and this will increase our nutrtion program.
10] We have volunteers working on building veggie beds and compost bins for us to raise our own organic veggies for our programs.
11] We do social service work in the community. For instance we have two 5 year old boys that can not walk. We pay their physical therapy bills and leg braces and surgeries. We have a 13 year old living alone with youger sibs who was almost raped. We found safe housing for them. The mayor of our department came to us in June with 100 plus families/550 plus people who had been made homeless by Hurricane Agatha. Through my contacts [ HF being the best one], I was able to get Shelter Box tents for half of them and food from two different NGOs.
12] Every other Tues. we give out formula and incaparina to children who need it. This is about $500 dollars worth a month.

Areas we are currently working on to improve our services to the Mayans.
1] Raising the money to provide equipment for our clinic.
2] Taking our current feeding/tutorial program and adding to it: a preschool in the mornings, a library, and incorporating the Steven Covey Seven Hhabits into our tutorials to provide character training for the kids.
3] Taking the above program to other communities where the government provides the land for the building, the parents help build and we provdie the materials, teacher and out of pocket expenses
4] Continuing our help with the 100 homeless families as needed
5] Increasing our social service programs to be able to help more people.
6] Increasing our nutritional programs
7] building a playground
8] assessing the feasibility of opening an orphanage at this time since there is a hostile government in power

I want you to know that 100% of all donations go to our projects. My husband and I donate our time and our business pays all our expenses connected with the projects including our airfare

Picture nos.
1. chicken house
2. clinic
3. our lunch program
4. our distributions of food and clothing and formula
5. feeding the 100 homeless families
6. homeless people
7. my daughter loving on the kids


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