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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Pictures from the bottom
1] 4 tents set up. There must be 4 people in each tent
2] men working on the tent
3] one happy and dry family
4] now they are happy and dry
5,6,7 ] More little ones who are now dry when it pours.

They still need help with food so click the donate button if you can help. The rains continue in Guate and the crops will be scarce. The families were required to clear the land and help set up the tents. We help with food, but expect the fmailies to help themselves as much as possible. If you want to help, click the donate button

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nuttbutts said...

I saw your bio on mormon women and just wanted you to know I loved it. I have been wanting to do some service work but the church doesnt sponser much when you have a family and other denominations are a little hesitant because our religion is different. I would love to offer what I have as far as photography services. I am also in training to become a birth coach. My husband speaks fluent spanish and has a bachelors degree in construction management. We homeschool our kids. I would love to somehow get in contact with you and find out if you could use us in some way even if it was for a short time. my email is nuttbutts@yahoo.com good luck in all you do!