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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pictures of the construction of our new road. We were given $2000.00 by Iso Mundo for the construciton of a road to connect the 3 levels of our property. We hired local men to dig it as we got more for our money this way and we gave work to families who desperately needed it. Hope the pictures show up.
DSC06540.JPG DSC06540.JPG
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DSC06541.JPG DSC06541.JPG
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DSC06542.JPG DSC06542.JPG
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DSC06543.JPG DSC06543.JPG
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DSC06544.JPG DSC06544.JPG
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DSC06545.JPG DSC06545.JPG
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DSC06546.JPG DSC06546.JPG
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