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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Arrival at the Guate Projects

We flew or drove all day Friday and arrived at our property in Guatemala around 4 pm. Gosh it looked good. The big house was all set to receive children as soon as the certification comes from the CNA. All of the nice sheets and blankets that some of you have donated were on the beds and the beds were set up and the cabinets were in place and the donations all organized. This is all of your work and it looked wonderful. The new kitchen/dining /bodega is built and the children from the the tutorial were their waiting for us. They had made lots of cute welcome signs and sang several songs to us. They were sitting at tables and benches that some of you had made.I am trying to learn their names. There is one little chunky boy named Adolfo who is so cute and you can tell he is the trouble maker because the teacher kept saying his name every time he got near me.
The hand dug road is amazing and almost finished. I will tell more about it in another blog. I can't write long as I have limited use of this computer. But suffice it to say, I am so busy and it is so worthwhile. Pedro has accomplished much and we are accompishing more.I will write an email of each day and what is happening. Friday ended early and we went to our rental place and went to bed a 8 Guate time. I did get my cell phone and call home. All my kids were great thanks to the wonderful care they are receiving from the adult sisters.

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Angel said...

Great news Vicki. How rewarding to see in front of you the fruits of your labor, energy and time.