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Friday, September 25, 2009

Miracles are already happening

We are on our week long trip to visit our projects and meet with people in Guatemala. It was hard to get off. Wed. we came home to absolutely no water. That is a major thing in a household where eight children and two adults live. I also knew my daughter Erin would not come babysit with her husband and kids if there was no water. So after my husband decided he had no idea what was going on, we called a specialist. He came that night, diagnosed the problem and came the next morning and with my husband and a helper pulled a 300 pound pump from a 300 ft. well that is 8 inches in diameter. New pump, new wiring and much money and we had water. The next night my son's wife had an emergency hospital stay and I had a one month old and a toddler for the day and night. But things smoothed out and we are on our way.
The first miracle is we found out we will be meeting on Sat. with a man who brings in medical and dental and nutrtion teams into Guatemala. He wants to start working with our facility. Then the wonderful couple from Mercy Ships will be with us starting on Weds. I asked Sylvia, a labor and delivery room nurse for 30 years, about doing a mini clinic for the pregnant and lactating and non-lactating women in our community and she graciously agreed. This so exciting for me. She is going to round up supplies for the midwives also. One of my other dream jobs, which will not be pursued in this life, was to be a labor and delivery room nurse or a midwife so just being an attendant at the clinic will be thrilling for me.
I will try and do reports each day and when I get home post pictures.
Thanks to all who are helping make this possible.
Vicki Dalia

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Angel said...

Sounds womderful!