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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Well things are packed and ready to go. Thank everyone for the donations. We have many challenges facing us when we return such as finding a new location asap. It is hard to leave our land and family here. My daughter who lives in our house with her husband is expecting her first baby of Oct. 8 and I would love to be here. But I have to get the other kids started back in school and find the new hogar location so I will officially meet my new grandson on Nov. 20th when we return home for the holidays. Leaving family is the hardest part of this work for me. I have missed the kids at the hogar and my two dogs, a beautiful lab and a beautiful German shepherd. The lab almost died while we were gone, but Pedro , my great hogar director pulled him thru with the help of a vet. We have about 15 new kids at the hogar that I have not met yet so that will be fun. I am also looking forward to picking up our new little baby girl that is paritally blind and deaf. When I was a teenager I used to spend my week-ends working at a home for retarded children and I think they can be really special spirits. Altho I have an adopted downs son and he is just a normal bratty kid.
Evelyn and her sister with Pan en la boca are coming down the first week in Sept. to see how they can help us. The middle of Sept., my daughter and 6 onth old grandbaby will be in guate to sign some legal papers that only she can sign. Then the end of Sept. Mandala adoption services will pay us a visit.

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