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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Well our time in the states is quickly coming to an end. I have been to the foot doctor as I had a severe broken foot in Guate two years ago and needed the steel plates and screws checked and to the eye docter as I needed my glasses updated. I have two more appointments with the dentist and my regular doctor.
I have had a wonderful week at music camp with some of my family and friends.
Last week we had our family summer reunion; we had one at Christmas. All 18 of our children came, all the married kids spouses and nine grandbabies [ three were in utero ]. In other words, everyone came. It was awesome. We did a baby shower for the baby boy due in Oct., a baptism for our 8 year old and birthday parties for two daughters. We went on hikes, had picnics and ate all our favorite foods. On Sunday, we added my sisters' family and my dad to our already large numbers. My three oldest granddaughters[ 4, 3 and 2 ] have been here with me this week and that has been great. Tomorrow, my husband and I take grandkids home and take some time for ourselves. We are spending tomorrow night at an inn that has been in existance since the 1700s. We spent the first night of our honeymoon there 30 some years ago. Then we will go visit the kids who have bought new homes that we have not seen. That way when I talk to them in Guate, I can visualize where they are. My hardest part about being in Guate is missing my family, especially the grandbaby's births. I think newborn come out so wise and with such spiritual vibrations. I love to hold them and soak it up.
The orphanage is now empty of volunteers for a short while. Ryan W., one of our great friends, is taking a gang down the end of Aug. and Bob, a regular visitor is coming again. We received 4 new children yesterday. A sib group ages 15, 13, 8, and 5. They came from one of the three new courts who have checked us out in the last month. I expect to be full to capacity shortly. Please help us increase the amaount of capacity to 100. Attached is a sheet listing cost breakdowns and the current kids [ minus the last four ] and their ages and sizes. If you can do a full or partial sponsorship [ it costs us $175.00 a month to pay everything for one child ] of a child please do. Or contribute to our building fund. Or do a fundraiser or collect much appreciated donations. Or come and volunteer. We love you for any and all you do.
Vicki Dalia
Director of http://www.safehomesforchildren.org

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