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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bofore I start with the news, everyone check for the attachments. We are sending you pics and short bios of 30 of the children who need sponsors as well as our sponsorship/donation form. Ask everyone you can thing of to help us get these children sponsors.
Our time in the states is almost up. We fly to Guate on the 1st of Sept. [ again I would like people to know that none of our personal expenses are taken out of orphanage money; they are all paid for by our personal money. Anything you donate to the orphanage goes directly, 100%, to it and the kids.] I am a little nervous as the elections are on the 9th of Sept. and there has been alot of political violence. But old timers have assured me that Panajachel, where we will be living is safe and we will only be in the city for an hour. Some of you have sent donations and I want to first thank you and second tell you they are packed and ready to go in one of the 24 rubber made tubs we will be taking down with us. My family has a big job when we return turning our house into a home. If you remember we were chased out of our last house a week before we left in June. We found a great new one in Pana a few days before our flight out in June, but our belongings were just tossed in there and I only saw the place for a total of 20 minutes. When we return we have the job of turning it into a home for us and our 10 kids. It needs a new frig and some beds and some drapes I know, but it is a great place in a SAFE location. My kids start school soon after our arrival.
We have received several new children at the hogar. A sib set of 4 and then single kids varying in age from 11 to 15. I accepted a 1 year old this week with microcephalia [ not sure of the spelling ]. Anyway her brain is small. She is partially blind and deaf, but supposed to be a sweetheart. I will pick her up when I get back down there. She is currently at an orphanage that only does adoptions. Pedro, our new hogar director , has done a super job while we were gone. His big project now is looking for more beds as we are full up. Again thanks to Harvey and Rod Martin with Orphan Resources as Harvey is looking for us.
Our land that I want so badly so that we can become self sufficient and not have to worry so much about fund raising may be bought by someone else this week-end. The realtor called me and said the owner had told him this. Maybe it is true, maybe not. We have borrowed the $100,000 for the land, but do not want to spend it until we have enough for at least two of the major buildings [ which is about $50,000.00 ].
We are slowly getting child sponsorships, but need to get more people on board with the fund raising. We have one group doing an auction in Oct. and have a great musical group ready to do a concert in early Dec. If any of you can do any kind of fundraiser or write any kind of grant for us, please email me at 20.vicki@gmail.com
Thanks again for all the volunteer help we received this summer while I was gone and all the donations people have collected and sent. They are great. We have a great kids store in Apex, NC giving us some wonderful clothing donations.
Volunteer Missionary Movement is supplying us with a Registered Nurse starting in Dec. Alicia is making a two year commitment to us and we are very excited.
As soon as we get back to Guate and I can find my internet hook ups [ my new house has high speed dsl so no more internet cafes, I hope ] I will be writing the blogs on Mon., Weds., and Fri. I am also going to start adding pics to them as it will give you a much better idea of what is happening. In the meantime go to this new website www.isamundo.org. We are one of their projects and if you click on Casa de Sion, you can see some pics of the kids.
Thanks for your love of these children

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